Our Process

How we make the purest organic worm castings on the market

1. Honor the worms

The worms do the hard work – our job is to make them comfortable! We searched far and wide for the highest quality bedding, feed, and inputs, to make sure they’re eating right. Then we tightly control the temperature, humidity, and other conditions so that our worms are always ready to do their best work.

2. Make it predictable

We use a bin system so that we can tightly control ever aspect of our process. We know how many worms are in each bin, how old the worms are, how they’ve performed to date – to make sure we are producing the highest quality product we can.

3. Test, Test, Test

While worm farming is not exactly new, there is still plenty to learn about the process. We are always testing every part of our process to iterate and improve.

4. Meet your customers where they are

We listen to our customers needs, and make sure they are getting the product they need, when they need it, how they need it. We exist to make your growing process more fruitful.

Why Our Worms Perform

Ideal temperature and humidity

Fed proprietary organic grain and protein mix

Data driven monitoring of conditions and performance

Regular input and product lab testing

Tightly controlled breeding process

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